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Frequently Ask Questions

• Which items are included in this promo?
All items

• How long is the loan period?
This promo can be availed at a standard 6 months loan period.

• What are the requirements to apply for a loan? How can I avail this offer?


You may apply for this loan promo if you are:
- 18 – 68 years old
- Filipino
- a permanent resident of any Home Credit-serviced area (please refer to our website for a complete list of partner stores and locations), and
- Receiving regular income (via employment/ business/ remittance/ pension) in the last 3 months.
Just visit any of our participating stores with at least two (2) valid IDs (with at least one reflecting your current address), other supporting documents for identification if available (ex: Pagibig ID), proof of billing (ex: electricity bill); and down payment. That's it! 

• How much is the down payment?
The amount of down payment is up to you. Just a tip: the more down payment you can provide, the better so that the monthly installments are lighter. The minimum down payment amount is 23% including a small 3% processing fee. Please feel free to approach our Sales Associates at our partner stores to know more!

• I have an existing loan with HC, can I apply for another?
We only process one loan at a time. So once the existing loan is finished, you can immediately apply for a new one the day after the last payment is posted.

• I made advance payments for my current loan. Can I apply again for a new one?
You need to
wait formaturity of your loan contract. Once this is accomplished, you may apply for another loan on the following day.

• How can I know more about this promo?
You may visit our website at: for the complete details of this promo.

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